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The beginning of this work group, in Natural Products, took place with the interests of the Pharmacy areas, in particular of Pharmacognosy and Pharmacotechnics with the areas of Pharmacology, Immunology, Parasitology, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Agronomy and Botany in uniting and working with plants and / or extracts thereof. What was expected, through the collective effort, materialized leading to the establishment of the Graduate Program in Pharmaceutical Sciences, area of ​​concentration, Biologically Active Natural Products, since 2001, and today with the Masters and Doctoral Programs. It is possible to observe, through the Curricula vitae of the researchers involved, the articles published in the last years, as a result of this union. The results that will emerge from the work of this group are intended to be practiced by the health sector for the benefit of the collective. In some of the areas mentioned above, some researchers go through the qualification process at the doctoral or even postdoctoral level. Thus, we believe that the strengthening of the group will occur over time, and not only the graduate, but the set of results and interests will lead this group to national recognition. On the other hand, the integration with the Pharmaceutical Industry is already a reality in our group, due to the participation of the leader and of some of its participants in agreements of research projects with that sector, in the development of Phytotherapeutic Products. The Scientific Community can expect that the group will tend to growth, with an increasing increase not only in its composition, but also in its publications, as a way of presenting its results. At the present time the group of researchers are expanding the areas of action within the large established area, with greater specificity. Continuing consolidation is always the objective of this group, and as a basis, the training of human resources qualified for the needs of the country.