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2012 - Maria Cristina DiCiaula

MSc. Thesis

Author: Maria Cristina Diciaula

Postgraduate Program in Pharmaceutical Sciences - State University of Maringá

Date of Defense: May 04, 2012

Advisor: Prof. Dr.  João Carlos Palazzo de Mello

Examination Board: Prof. Dra. Ieda Spacino Scarminio

                            Prof. Dr. Maria Auxiliadora Milaneze Gutierre


Title: Development of methodology and validation of determination of total polyphenols  from Schinus terebinthifolius bark extracts RADDI

Abstract: Schinus terebinthifolius Raddi is a typical tree of the northeastern caatinga,found from Ceará to Rio Grande do Sul, as well as Paraguay and Argentina. In folk medicine, its barks are used due to its astringent action, tonic and stimulant, as well as antimicrobial and regenerating tissue. According to the importance of this specie, this study has aimed at quality control of drug and plant extracts, develop analytical methodology for the determination of total polyphenols (TP) for the extract, evaluate the antioxidant capacity of the dried extract of S. terebinthifolius obtained by a mathematical model simplex centroid and validate the analytical methodology following the requirements demanded by RE 899/2003 - ANVISA, the extract that showed the best results. In the pre-validation of the determination of TP were observed the following conditions: pyrogallol is the reference substance, the anhydrous sodium carbonate reagent must be used at a concentration of 14.06%, the analysis time of 5 min, wavelength 780 nm. Quality control for plant drug (DV) was performed according to pharmacopoeial parameters such as loss on drying (PD), dry residue (RS) of 11 extractive solution, granulometric analysis (FA) and total polyphenol content (TP). For quality control of extracts were evaluated for yield (R), content of PT and antioxidant activity towards DPPH (AA). The results were obtained for the DV: PD = 9.65 ± 0.19 (%RSD = 2.06), average particle diameter of 0.44 mm, the RS of the extraction solution water: ethanol: acetone (4:1: 1) was 2.39 ± 0.01 (RSD = 0.75%) and PT = 8.22 ± 0.34 (RSD = 4.19%).The extract revealed that the best results is the number 7 (water: ethanol: acetone, 1:1:1, v/v), R= 22.72%, TP= 29.91 ± 1.05 (%SRD = 3.73) and AA = 6.61 mg / ml ± 0.30 (SRD% = 4.58). The extract number 7 was proved by the mathematical model simplex centroid as that showed the best results and this is suggested for analytical validation. The validation of the analytical methodology extract number 7 was performed by UV-VIS spectrophotometryand found that the method is linear, precise, accurate, selective and specific, according to standards of ANVISA.

Keywords: Schinus terebinthifolius, total polyphenols, simplex centroid validation by UV/Vis, antioxidant activity



Dissertação PDFMaria Cristina DiCiaula

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