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General objective
The PCF program (MD and PhD courses) aims the training of human resources in natural and synthetic biologically active products within a process in which the training of graduate student is strongly associated with the generation of new knowledge and technologies aimed at solving problems related to the health of our population.

Specific objectives
- Training of human resources for teaching and research in natural and synthetic biologically active products through a program of graduate studies in Pharmaceutical Sciences.
- Development research, focusing on the solution of regional problems, such as the issue of widespread consumption of biologically active products by the population, taking into account toxicological aspects and scientific reasoning.
- Development research projects focusing the integration of undergraduate students (trainees, PIBIC, PIBITI and PET fellows) and graduates.
- Improve the training of professionals working in the field of Pharmaceutical Sciences, to meet the demand of academic, research and production sectors.
- Contribute to the development of products and processes with the possibility of generation and transfer of new technologies to the national productive sector.

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