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Workshop 1: Employment policies and income policies in farming

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Coping strategies with food insecurity in two egyptian villages

Solyman Ashraf (Egypt), Hisano Shuji (Japan)

Family farming development and support of Unitravalho/UEM: a case stduy of cooperatvama in Poema/Nova Tebas - Paraná (Brazil)

Culti Maria Nezilda, Garcia Nanci Aparecida Meneguetti, Da Silva Beatriz Negrelli, Tenório Maria Clara Corrêa, Pinto Gheysa Julio, De Jesus Gabriela Silva, De Andrade José Marcos (Brazil) 

Value perspectives of producers and consumers regarding the sustainability of the dairy chain in Southern Brazil

Da Silva Mábio Silvan José, Mangilli Livia Galiano, Vieira Andreia De Paula, Anthony Raymond, Fregonesi José Antonio (Brazil)

Land reform and solidarity economy: Copavi case in Parancity, Parana, Brazil

Garcia Nanci Aparecida Meneguetti, Culti Maria Nezilda, Da Silva Beatriz Negrelli, Tenório Maria Clara Corrêa, Pires Vicente Chiaramonte, Scarabel Terezinha, Mazetto Diogo Henrique (Brazil)

Institutional incentives and new forms of accessory work on family farms

Kovtun Olena V. (Brazil)


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The contribution of urban and peri urbane agriculture for workers' income generation

Pires Vincente Chiaramonte, Michelon Edinaldo, Greatti Ligia (Brazil)

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