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Workshop 2: Dynamics of work in farming, in territories in a situation of global change

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Temporary workers in globalized agriculture. A case study in the province of Tucumán, Argentina.

Guillermo Neiman (Argentine)

Demography and development paths: what impact on family agriculture sustainability and rural development in Latin America?

Requier-Desjardins Denis (France)

Characteristics and trends of wage labor in tree monocultures in Latin America

Múcio Tosta Gonçalves (Brazil)

Employment contracts and performance of agroforestry systems with cocoa in the Mbam and Kim area (Cameroon-Centre)

André Nso Ngang, Cyrille Bergaly Kamdem, Philippe Pedelahore, Christian Bernard Kaldjob Mbeh, Joséphine Mireille Akoa Etoa (Kenya)

The ‘blind spot’ of agricultural research: the composition and availability of labour, and the ‘new worker profile’ of farm workers in the South West of England

Caroline Nye (United Kingdom)

Rural employment in Brazil: Farm work decline between 2001 and 2009

Laurenti, Antonio Carlos, Telles, Tiago Santos, Ganade, Guilherme Marcondes (Brazil)

Youth engagement in agriculture: challenges and opportunities

Ibrahima Hathie, Idrissa Wade, Madické Niang (Senegal)

Changes and continuities in farming work. The case of small and medium grape producers in Mendoza, Argentina

Mg. María Brignardello (Argentina)

Securing Sahelian pastoral activities through the use of remunerated labor: ambivalence of monetization

Abdrahmane Wane, Ibra Touré, Nelly Njiru, Aliou Diouf Mballo (Kenya)


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Analysis of the effects of the oil industry on family farm labor in rural areas in the municipality of Puerto Gaitan, Meta in Colombia
Gonzalez Jairo (Colombia)

Labor market participation and internal migration: the reality behind the choice of Senegalese rural households
Ndione Ya Cor (Senegal)

Rural mobility youth: coaprocor case stud
Dos Santos João Pedro Mariano, Michellon Ednaldo (Brazil)

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