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Workshop 4: Transformations in work organizations in farms

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Changes in work and its organization: the example of livestock farming

Benoît Dedieu, Gérard Servière (France)     

Coping with agronomic constraints in crop/livestock systems through the management of work within the farms: a case study from two regions in Morocco

Mohamed Taher Sraïri, Youssra Ghabiyel, Sanae Bahri (Morroco)

Transformations in farm work organisation in Australia: the inter-relationship between climate variability, technology and farmers’ workforce strategies

Ruth Nettle, Geoff Kuehne, Kate Lee, Dan Armstrong (Australia)           

What evolutions for wage earners’ work in farms after hiring? A case study in dairy farms in Auvergne, France

Priscila Duarte Malanski, Nathalie Hostiou, Stéphane Ingrand (France)    

Persistence and renewal of cooperation in farm work in French agriculture

Véronique Lucas, Pierre Gasselin (France)  

Family work in oil palm cultivation in Santa Maria, Tomé-Açu/Pará

Márcia Coutinho Caetano, Dalva Maria da Mota (Brazil)   

What are the differences in quality of work between vegetable growers in agroecological and in conventional systems?

Antoinette M. Dumont, Philippe V. Baret (Belgium)         

Family labour and land use in the Pará rural space

Dalva Maria da Mota, Ketiane dos Santos Alves (Brazil)   

Family farming work organization of agro-extractivist communities in the region of Mambaí, Goiás State, Brazil

Stéphane Guéneau, Janaína Deane de Abreu Sá Diniz, Sabina Dessartre Mendonça, Igor Amaury Aveline, Eric Sabourin (Brazil)

Labor conditions and family succession in dairy productions systems in Paraná State, Brazil

Ferenc Istvan Bánkuti, Júlio César Damasceno, Sandra Mara Schiavi Bánkuti, Kellen Cristina Kuwaraha, Rodrigo César Prizon (Brazil)          

Work organization in livestock farms: experiences from the use of the work assessment method

Sylvie Cournut, Sophie Chauvat, Gérard Servière, Nathalie Hostiou, Pham D.K, Rudec, Santos Filho, J. C. D, AmélieTurlot, Francisco Diéguez, Correa Pastora, Mohammed Taher Sraïri,Benoît Dedieu (France)      

Work and productive aspects due to smallholders’ family characteristics by a MFA approach
Carlos Eduardo Crispim de Oliveira Ramos, Iremar Neves dos Santos, Sheila Assunção Matos, Renata Gama da Silva (Brazil)
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How are farmers’ strategies-to-last and difficulties related in livestock farming systems? A survey in Auvergne (France)

Cyrille Rigolot, Jean-Yves Pailleux, Sylvie Cournut, Nathalie Hostiou (France)

Senegalese rural households multiple livelihood strategy: a potential solution for rural employement issues
Ndione Ya Cor (Senegal)
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