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Workshop 7: Advice and training about the work

  • Communications


Individual and collective advice to livestock farmers. A focus on advice about working conditions
Dockès Anne-Charlotte (France), Correa Pastora (Uruguay)

Do work simulation tools help farmers to change crop practices?

Elisa Petit, Alexandre Joannon, Jean-Marc Meynard (France)

Research and development organizations get organised to consider the work component of livestock farming in Wallonia

Amélie Turlot, Madeleine Jélu, Florence Kling-Eveillard, Sophie Chauvat, José Wavreille (Belgium)

Taking into account the meaning, the organization and the productivity of work to better advise farmers

Sophie Chauvat, Gérard Servière, Sylvie Cournut (France)

Building the capacity of advisers to support farmers in their people management and workforce decisions: findings from an Australian dairy industry program

Ruth Nettle, A. Crawford, P. Brightling (Australia)


  • Posters


Determining factors for technological incorporation in dairy production systems
Bodenmüller Filho Anselmo, Damasceno Julio Cesar, Ramos Carlos Eduardo Crispim de Oliveira (Brazil)
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