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Workshop 8: Innovations (technological, social, market) and farming work

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The impact of Precision Livestock Farming on work, skills and human-animal interactions

Nathalie Hostiou, Jocelyn Fagon, Sophie Chauvat, Amélie Turlot, Florence Kling-Eveillard, Xavier Bovin, Clément Allain (France)

Analysing the impact of use of mobile phones in enhancing demand and access to market information and services for pastoralist communities: Preliminary Insights from Isiolo County, Kenya  

Khalai, Duncan Collins, Dr. Banerjee Rupsha, Dr. Andrew Mude (Kenya)

Impact of scientific and technological innovation in the Brazilian agribusiness sector

Fernanda Yamauchi, Marta Martínez Pagán (Brazil) 

Management and work in Crop-livestock-tree integration System in Roraima, Brazilian Amazonia

Amaury Bendahan, René Poccard-Chapuis, Roberto Medeiros, Newton Costa, Ramayana Braga, Jean-François Tourrand (Brazil / France)

Farm machinery cooperatives: a new arena for agroecological innovation?

Véronique Lucas, Pierre Gasselin (France)

Supporting farmers’ management of change towards agro-ecological practices by focusing on the work dimension: the contribution of ergonomics

Marie Chizallet, Flore Barcellini, Lorène Prost, Marianne Cerf (France)

Agroecological transition: the work of farmers, advisers, teachers and researchers in question

Xavier Coquil, Marianne Cerf, Caroline Auricoste, Alexandre Joannon, Flore Barcellini, Patrick Cayre, Marie Chizallet, Benoît Dedieu, Nathalie Hostiou, Florence Hellec, Jean-Marie Lusson, Paul Olry, Bernard Omon, Lorène Prost (France)

Agroecological transition and reconfiguration of horticultural work among family farmers in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Gabriela Parodi (Argentina)

Improved plant genetic biodiversity through the organization and promotion of agricultural shows and seed fairs.

Aimé Kazika Kamosi (Congo)


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The settlements of land reform in northwest of Paraná. Brazil and family farming: the role of Unitrabalho/UEM
Damasceno Julio Cesar et al. (Brazil)

Management of forage area for maneuver margin indicative and flexibility in dairy production system
Bodenmüller Filho Anselmo, Damasceno Julio Cesar, Istvan Bankuti Ferenc, Crispim de Oliveira Ramos Carlos Eduardo

Artificial Tasting: Computational Sensory Analysisl for Wine Classification applying Logistic Regression with Bootstrap
Neves Ferreira Gabriel et al. (Brazil)

Sustainability in the grassland
Max Emerson Rickli et al. (Brazil)

Applying computer vision and machine learning for detection of brown stink bugs in soybean crops
Nunes Cleverson Dias, Thom de Souza Rodrigo Clemente (Brazil)

No-tillage in native soil: a proposal for family farms in the Paraiba valley
Silva Carmen, Nascimento Nathália (Brazil)

Increasing the income in agricultural sector: an empirical analysis about the determinants of productivity
Bernardelli Luan Vinicius, Araujo Eliane Cristina de (Brazil)

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